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Sarvesh Sridhar

A logistics solution provider by profession, a professional theatre actor by passion. We believe this is what sums up FLAME alumnus Sarvesh Sridhar’s life in a nutshell. Sarvesh plays both roles with a committed sense of responsibility, making him a shining example of being a professional while also following one’s passion.

Headquartered in Madras with associated offices across India, his family business of end-to-end logistics includes customs clearance, road transport, air and ocean freight and warehousing. One the other hand, Sarvesh believes in living life to its full potential. 

His love for theatre began when he was in the 11th grade when he was chosen to be a part of the dramatics team. As fate had it, Sarvesh met his first mentors, Mr. Bramhanathan (now a national award-winning filmmaker) and Mr. Udayaprakash. He was trained in mime and street theatre, and went on to perform with them outside of schools, literally on the streets of Madras.

Sarvesh’s dream to carry on his passion of theatre grew stronger as he performed professionally. His first stint was a theatre show in December 2004 with a Christmas Pantomime. His initial goal was to complete 100 professional shows and to grow in validity among many people for his work. However, by the year 2007, he completed his 100th show. Furthermore, contrary to his expectations, Sarvesh was even named on Wikipedia’s list of "prominent English theatre artists in India".

Sarvesh has a rather humble perspective towards his achievements. Upon being listed on Wikipedia, he began to question his level of enthusiasm, commitment, and ambition based on the parameters he had set for himself. Thereafter, he decided not to follow or focus much on the interviews he gave, the number of shows he did, or the reviews he read.

That said, over the years, Sarvesh had the good fortune of learning from and being mentored by some of the best teachers and human beings. He confides that a significant part of his success can be attributed to Mr. Prasad Vanarase and Mr. Sameer Dublay, both of whom he was lucky to meet and work with as his Gurus when he was at FLAME. They taught him the art of timing, and how to utilise the gap between each second. They taught him the meaning of "laya", Significance of which he thoroughly understood over the years, and was truly grateful for their teachings.

Sarvesh also worked with Mr. Ben Crystal because of his mentor, Mr. Vanarase. Mr. Ben is with Shakespeare's The Globe Theatre, England, and workshopped extensively with him. He was also invited to train with The Globe Theatre in England. Sarvesh performed at various festivals across India and even had the opportunity of having one of his plays being selected to be a part of the Theatre Olympics hosted by India in 2018. 

Sarvesh is on the board of The Madras Players which is India's oldest English Theatre group, and which has had members like Girsh Karnad. He was the youngest ever member in the board of India's oldest ever English Theatre group. So far, Sarvesh has performed in nearly 300 shows, and has no intention of stopping now.