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Every placement season has its ups and downs; high levels of stress and anxiety. The pressures were compounded this season due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. But Vineet Subba, MBA, Class of 2021 at FLAME University, had decided to put his head down and focus on his professional growth. “I was doing certification courses, live projects; anything that would enhance my skills. I knew that if I had a good placement opportunity I would give it my best shot. But if there wasn’t one, I would still have added to my professional development,” he says. Well, he did get his opportunity and made it count by bagging a placement with Finolex Industries.

That placement opportunity was waiting around the corner for Vineet and he was going to give it his best shot. Looking back on that crucial moment he says, “I applied for the Digital Marketing role with Finolex Industries. They were entering the B2C market and were looking for fresh minds for their digital marketing team. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for the career path I had envisioned for myself,” he explains. 

Marketing major Vineet had picked Digital Marketing as his minor. But he surprises us by revealing that one of the main reasons he started studying Marketing was because he didn’t want to be swayed by other marketers. “The idea that some people can have insights and understand your behavior to sway it to like or dislike any brand or product was just crazy to me. But there were many such eye-opening revelations during my time at FLAME University. Before I started my MBA program I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. Now I have a fair understanding of the industry and where I want to go,” he adds confidently.

Vineet reveals that his other option would have been M.Tech. in Computer Science but it would have limited his learning to technical knowledge and skills. At FLAME University he had the opportunity to understand business as a whole. “It’s amazing that this MBA program has also given me insights into subjects like Psychology and Sociology. As a student from a Science background, these subjects were way beyond my scope. But the knowledge I have gained in these subjects at FLAME University will help me as a business professional in the future,” he says, as he prepares for this three-month stint as a management trainee with Finolex Industries.      

Having done several live projects in Digital Marketing, Vineet is confident to take on professional challenges post his training. His internship experience with Qwikcilver Solutions will also come in handy as it has prepared him for corporate life. Ask him for tips to ace the placement season and he is quick to add, “We had the best interview preparations facilitated by the University. The Career Services team conducted mock interviews and gave us feedback on how to improve ourselves for actual interviews. I’d also say, collect as much data as you can about the company through their social media and other channels before the interview”, he concludes with words of solid advice while sounding like a true Digital Marketing expert in the making.