FLAME University


Shreya Agarwal
UG Student | FLAME University
Semester Abroad @Wellesley College, USA

I visited Wellesley College for the Spring semester of 2018 as an exchange student. I went with another FLAME student from my batch, Manojna Lanka. The courses I studied there were primarily in the fields of Psychology and Economics. My classes were extremely interactive and were mostly discussion based. The smaller class size, of maximum 30 students, facilitated greater understanding and learning of the course material. The professors were not only highly qualified and experienced, but they were also highly conducive to our learning. They emphasized on the need for intuitive learning, rather than memorization, and were mindful of the needs and limitations of their students. It encouraged me to do well in all my classes. My peers in classes were also helpful and accommodating. After the first week of classes, I did not feel like an outsider anymore. That was true for Wellesley as a whole also. The students, the administration, and the faculty was receptive of us as exchange students and did all they could to make me feel at home. In no time, it did start feeling like home. My first points of contact at Wellesley were other exchange students and transfer students from various parts of US and the world. Manojna and I met our third roommate Lauren, who was from Canada. The first three days were mostly for orientation and familiarizing ourselves with the campus and the town of Wellesley. The orientation was conducted by two senior students, who were extremely warm and welcoming.

Over the course of 4 months, I was completely assimilated into the Wellesley culture, and had unique experiences that added to my repository of memories. The snowstorms and the cold weather were things I surprisingly really enjoyed. I also got to explore the city of Boston, which became like a second home. I visited Harvard University, and MIT on various occasions, and interacted with a lot of students from there also. It was a wonderful experience getting to know so many people. Even on campus, there were a number of student-organized fests and events that enhanced the spirit of community and togetherness. Events such as Marathon Monday, the day of the Boston Marathon, and LDOC – Last day of classes, were some of the most memorable days on campus. Once the sun came out in early May, the outdoors became more accessible, and we could make the most of the breathtaking campus. Overall, my experience at Wellesley was something I will cherish forever, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had this experience.