FLAME University


Nishant Chopra
UG Student | FLAME University
Semester abroad @ Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA

During Fall 2019, I had the opportunity to be part of the study abroad program at the Kelley school of business in Bloomington, Indiana. The experience set within the vast yet limited radius of Indiana University, helped understand the concept of an American college town and posed a fresh environment that I wasn’t used to, nor did I expect. Indiana University is set in the small town of Bloomington just south of Indianapolis and this town mainly comprises of just the vast campus of the university. With an array of outlets and restaurants spread across the city and campus there is a truly wholesome experience when it comes to trying new kinds of food from many countries and cultures. With a student population of around 40,000 students with quite a lot of International students the town does appear to have a buzz about it during the day. However, past 5 pm once the sun sets and the wind gets colder, it can get a little dull and quiet which may be a bit difficult to adjust to initially.

With a student centric population, Bloomington is a very friendly town for a newcomer. The sense of freedom really made it easier to blend in and explore. From sample gates on the west to college mall on the east, the convenient and free to use bus transportation system also was a huge asset to have when visiting as an exchange student.

The academic life at the Kelley school of Business was probably the best part of the exchange program, along with the short excursions to nearby cities like Chicago and Indianapolis. The professors are really friendly and well-versed in their subjects with each of them having industry experience and personal anecdotes which are relevant to the topics being taught. The teaching style too, which I found to be quite impactful wherein on spot questions on apps like Tophat make it easier to understand complicated concepts. The Academic life although hectic wasn’t difficult or burdening to deal with.

In conclusion, the Study abroad experience was wholesome to say the least. With a new environment and different social dynamics, four months may be too little to adjust completely, however, the experience was worth it. Meeting other exchange students from different backgrounds and countries truly makes you feel exposed to a bigger world with different perspectives. The independence and academic life truly make the experience and beautiful campus of Indiana University makes it better.