FLAME University


Leher Agarwal
UG Student | FLAME University
Semester Abroad @ Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA

A great opportunity by FLAME University that gives an exposure to western education and definitely adds immense value academically as well as in personal growth. It was an unforgettable experience that students shouldn’t miss out on”. The study abroad program is an opportunity that FLAME University gives to its students which is definitely a great and enriching experience for all the students. I went to Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA for a semester, i.e. 4 months. This whole journey had a great impact on me academically and on my personal development. Not only did I study in an exceptional business school but also lived independently in a different country.

Kelley School of Business is one of the best business schools in the world which could be seen in the four months I spent over there. Besides studying at Kelley, I also took up courses at Jacob Music School and School of Art and Design. Studying at these two great schools is a feather in the cap and adds great value. Kelley School of Business is extremely competitive and requires students to be on their toes all the time. The school follows an academic pattern almost similar to FLAME, however, Kelley has many more evaluation parameters throughout the semester. They maintain transparency in their grading which not only helps students understand their academic record but also work on their performance accordingly. Almost all professors gave opportunities to garner some bonus points which helps improve grades. All Kelley courses had a very structured and detailed lecture plan with all details on syllabus and evaluation. This kind of a practice helps students plan the whole semester. All my courses had very practical based group work which made learning very interesting. For instance, the Consumer Behavior course had us deal with an actual client from Bloomington and we had to help them tackle their issues, in Retail Marketing, we had to use all class concepts to set up our own business. Classes were very interactive and required students to actively participate just like at FLAME. One more fact that I appreciated at Kelley is that classes don’t exceed 1 hour 15 minutes which is great for the students and the faculty. The faculty at Kelley was very approachable and friendly and helped out of class as well whenever required. Teaching involved case discussions, classroom activities, research, group work and study on companies. Talking about Jacob Music School, I took up one course at this school and had a wonderful time. Similar to Kelley, Jacob also had a very structured course outline and involved a lot of practical learning.

Besides getting such immense exposure academically, this study abroad program enabled me to live independently and travel extensively across the country which helped me gain a better understanding of American culture and interact with many people which is another learning and an extraordinary experience in itself. Overall, I had a terrific time spending a semester abroad by having to learn in a different country; having a completely different culture, making new friends, travelling and becoming independent. I am extremely grateful to FLAME University for providing me with such a great opportunity that I will cherish forever.