FLAME University


Kimberly Chia Yan Min
UG Student | Wellesley College
Semester Abroad @ FLAME University, India

Administration was always really smooth at FLAME, and really responsible, even when I was not responsible! Whether it was helping with registering for courses, getting a taxi, helping with getting a SIM card, and handling payments, FLAME handled it very well. Getting to the city was also easy due to the bus service.

I had a very wonderful time at FLAME learning from professors and students – it was especially helpful for my major, and I felt challenged due to the new content material. I liked that I had a variety of courses to choose from and take, and that group work with students at FLAME really helped me connect with students and build friendships with them.

The housing was really nice, and my wardens took care of me really well. I also appreciate that FLAME housed me in a room with AC and in the new building. I also really appreciated that FLAME was nice to adjust the food when I had a stomach upset! I also always felt very safe around campus.

I liked that as an exchange student, I was very quickly connected to a lot of the students in FLAME through FLAME events, meeting the student council members, peer mentors etc. This really allowed me to build a lot of friendships, and got invited to dinner with these students a lot! That made things a lot more fun at FLAME, and made FLAME a lot more welcoming. I also appreciated that I was on campus during major campus events like the DIP exhibition day, Kurushektra, etc. and was able to get a glimpse of different sides of campus life.

Overall, I had a really great time at FLAME University as an exchange student. I learnt so much both in the classroom and out of it! The FLAME community is a warm and welcoming one, and I am grateful for the kindness that many in the community have shown me during my time there. I got a taste of being a student in India in a non-traditional liberal arts university, and I am sure that the memories and friendships I have made in FLAME will stay with me for a long time.