FLAME University


Ananya Gupta
Undergraduate Student | FLAME University
Semester abroad @ Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA

I am Ananya Gupta, a third-year student at FLAME University. I am majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. 

I represented FLAME as a study abroad student at The Kelley School of Business, Indiana University from January to May of 2022. 

I would like to share my experiences, during this time, with both its highs and lows. 

I stepped out of my shuttle to Bloomington into teeth-chattering weather. After a day full of travel the last thing I expected was to drag my suitcases up and down a slope in order to find my apartment building. However, finding my roommate waiting for me at the door of our building made me forget about the crazy day I had I was filled with a sense of comfort. 

Initially, this transition was quite overwhelming, trying to figure out our transportation, walking in three inches of snow to buy groceries, setting up the apartment, and constantly converting dollars to rupees were what my days looked like. 

However, this changed quickly, meaningful conversations with my roommate, learning to be an adult, meeting people from several different cultures and nationalities, making several to-do lists, and speaking to the faculty helped me settle into what my life was to look like for the next few months. 

In regards, to academics, I studied several business courses- Financial Markets, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Marketing Research, and Legal Environment of Business. These courses provide me with a practical, holistic, and dynamic understanding of the real world. Writing several papers that required constant practical application of my knowledge and having several formal presentations made me confident enough to step into the corporate world. I particularly enjoyed my course on American law; it helped me learn about the American legal system and broadened my horizons. 

During my time in Bloomington, I had the opportunity to make several new friends and connections and to explore this charming little town along with all the delicacies it had to offer. After my semester, I travelled the country and visited cities I wanted to as a child. This experience taught me to always to open to new opportunities, it gave me friendships I will cherish for a lifetime, it helped me grow as a person, and I was able to spend time with myself and learn about who I am. Though I am still learning about who I am, this was a beautiful start.

Ananya Gupta | UG-3 

The exchange program gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zone, to explore your field and its several career options. It facilitates interaction between people from all over the world, giving you an insight into various perspectives. It gives you the independence to explore and learn. 

My friends at IU, and those back home, my family, and my fellow exchange students were my backbone, and I am sincerely grateful for them. 

FLAME has offered me wonderful opportunities to grow and this program was one of them. I am thankful to the university and faculty for their unwavering support, for their belief in me, and for helping me carve a path to achieve my potential.