FLAME University


Aline Nicolai
UG Student | FLAME University
Semester Abroad @DHBW, Germany

Studying at DHBW, Ravensburg was not a plan that had been a long time in the making. It was really a spur of the moment decision complemented by a very timely fascination with Germany. I therefore followed my impulse and applied for a semester exchange. I knew that going to a different continent and an unknown culture could prove challenging but really, I was just excited at the prospect of discovery.

In total, we were 36 international students and that made for a mind-blowing mix of cultures and experiences. My roommate was South African while the people that I spend the most time with were Taiwanese, Turkish and Thai. This made for very interesting dinner conversations on every single discussion ranging from the mundane to the political and philosophical.

The student committee there made it even more enjoyable to learn about other cultures as we had multiple “International evenings” where we cooked and ate traditional food from all the countries, were taught things about German culture that we had no idea about and learnt phrases and expressions in different languages.

The campus was extremely interesting as there was none. Rather, buildings across the town had been converted into DHBW buildings. For example, the library was an old chapel which made for the most beautiful painted glass reflections on the bookcases. Similarly, the main business studies building was a restored monastery which, although majestic, made for a tiring four storey climb up the hill every day.

Overall, this experience was breathtaking. It exceeded every expectation that I had and has left me a different person with vivid memories and lifelong friends. I am really grateful to have gone through it and I strongly recommend it to everyone, even students who don’t plan on living or working abroad. It is a transformative experience that makes you more knowledgeable about the world around you and allows you to put your everyday life into a global context.