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Prof. Roger Liu

Ph.D. in Political Science from University of South Carolina, USA


Roger Chi-feng Liu is Associate Professor of international politics with the Department of Social Sciences, FLAME University. Professor Liu earned his Ph.D. in political science from University of South Carolina, and his research interests span political geography, geopolitics/geo-economics, interstate/intrastate conflicts, geographic/quantitative IR methodology, India’s foreign policy, and China-India Relations. 

Dr. Liu has presented his research projects in highly selective academic conferences funded or held by the National Science Foundation (NSF), International Studies Association (ISA), Peace Science Society (International), and the Society for Political Methodology (PolMeth), etc.

Dr. Liu had worked for major foreign policy think tanks in Taiwan as research fellows before he earned his Ph.D. degree in the US. Professor Liu is currently a correspondent research fellow with the Center for Globalization and Peace Research, Soochow University, Taiwan, and a research fellow with the Center for Southeast Asia Studies (CSEAS), National Chengchi University, and Taipei, Taiwan. Before joining FLAME, Dr. Liu was assistant professor and the director of Center for Asia-Pacific Security Studies at OP Jindal Global University.


"The Geography of Conflict: Using GIS to Analyze Israel’s External and Internal Conflict Systems (co-authored with Harvey Starr and G. Dale Thomas)," is published as a chapter in The Israeli Conflict System: Analytic Approaches by Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group in 2015.

“Seeing the Elephant: Taiwan’s Challenge and Opportunities in India” is published on the Prospect Journal (Oct 2016) by the Prospect Foundation, one of the leading think tanks in Taiwan.