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Prof. Kuntal Shah
Associate Professor of Practice - Finance
Email: kuntal.shah@flame.edu.in
Prof. Kuntal Shah - Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Pune University.

Prof. Kuntal Shah is a value investor with three decades of experience spanning various aspects of the capital market. He is an investor turned entrepreneur with experience of having invested in all sorts of enterprises - seed, early growth, and late-stage growth. Now working on a developing technology related solution to deal with unstructured streaming data and founded Needl. Ai.

He is interested in enhancing skills and applying experience cultivated over multi-business cycle tracking and analyzing of select businesses and knowledge of “what to focus on” and “what not to do”. He has experience in India centric capital allocation related investments and has an opportunistic inclination towards a value-oriented and risk-controlled approach to investments. He has seen the evolution of multiple companies across all maturity stages and associated with many of organizations boardrooms and helped companies in multiple areas of growth strategy to capital allocation, financing, M&A and other related topics.

Prof. Kuntal is also volunteers for few non-profit organizations to make a desirable positive societal impact. He contributes to the society by giving lectures at IIM – Ahmedabad, IIT- Mumbai and CA Institute.  His successful investing experience has come from exploiting the inefficiencies inherent in the markets and investing in emerging growth opportunities which periodically throw open big opportunities offering asymmetric payoffs without recourse to leverage an overly complicated investment strategy. He believes in acquiring an in-depth understanding of business competitive advantages and growth drivers and proponent of extremely deep drilled research.