Vinod Vidhwans

“I believe FLAME is a revolutionary idea that has changed the philosophy of contemporary education in India."

Why I Chose FLAME

The concept of FLAME is fascinating. FLAME is a well-thought out response to post-liberalization reality. I believe FLAME is a revolutionary idea that has changed the philosophy of contemporary education in India. That was the motivating factor for me to join FLAME.

What Sets FLAME Apart From Other Institutions

I believe; creativity is the crux of human existence and expression. Shaping up young and raw minds towards Creative-Thinking is a challenge as well as a satisfaction. Overall pedagogical approach at FLAME is aimed at encouraging students to get engaged in creative thinking, critical thinking, reflective thinking, and insightful immersive thinking. I am a strong believer in non-threatening humanistic teaching-learning methods. FLAME is distinct in this regards as compared to other institutions.

The Courses I Teach At FLAME

I conduct courses in diverse disciplines. I teach courses on creativity and innovation for entrepreneurship development. I also teach courses on philosophy.

My Most Eventful Experience In The Classroom

Lectures, practical exercises and conceptual discussions are used as the major learning methods to open up the minds of the students. Specially designed exercises take students through the process of ideation to develop insights into the nature of implicit as well as explicit creative thinking processes. Students work individually as well as in groups on assignments.
My overall approach is to constantly innovate on assignments and projects.

The Most Outstanding Features Of Curriculum Delivery At FLAME

All the projects and assignments follow highly interactive and experiential pedagogy. For instance an assignment on `creative cognition’ resulted in a series of presentations by students that is worth mentioning. Aim of the assignment was to inculcate creative observational skills among students. Students were asked to move around the campus and take photographs of FLAME buildings. They were asked to look at unusual details, look for unique angles and think about buildings in a more poetic way. The result was simply fascinating.

What I Cherish And Admire The Most About FLAME

FLAME has a highly liberal ambience that nurtures freedom of thought and action (of course with due responsibility). I believe that is the essence of FLAME philosophy and spirit of democracy.