FLAME is more than just an education institute. It is a center for excellence, where ideas are exchanged, curiosity is kindled, and minds are moulded. It is a place where learning happens in every corner of its 75-acre campus. It is an abode of new thoughts, broader horizons and self-reflection. It consists of four schools: FLAME School of Liberal Education, FLAME School of Business, FLAME School of Communication and FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts. 

FLAME doesn’t conform to the norms and rote education that is prevalent in India. It aims to deliver experiential learning, not just buried in books. It encourages discovery and believes education sets the minds free. It nurtures minds of students willing to learn and grow continuously. FLAME is rooted in the values of Ahimsa. FLAME celebrates humility. It actively engages in the ethos of Guru Shishya Parampara through mentoring, focus on dialogue, questioning and formulating new concepts. At FLAME, respect for human dignity takes prime importance. 

FLAME is not just a school. It is a school of thought. One that believes learning is a process, not a destination that one reaches with a report card. It lays as much emphasis on learning beyond the classroom as within it.

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