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The FLAME University Writing Centre is based on a simple pedagogical insight: that academic learning is for people, and not vice versa. University assignments are not (and should not be allowed to become) an obstacle course, but properly understood, they are the context in which students discover their intellectual lives. Moreover, since the crucial step in intellectual growth is writing, this is where University students truly find themselves, and each other: in and through their writing.

Our Writing Centre offers the student community an arena in which to engage with itself, in intellectually empowering ways. Any student can make an appointment, to discuss a writing assignment with our undergraduate peer tutors. These consultations are holistic, helping students not only to excel in curricular terms, but to take a step forward in their personal intellectual growth. All this occurs in the proper environment for writing: i.e., communication, first and foremost, with one's (engaged, but not expert) peers.

Key Questions:

If I'm a student doing a research paper, how will consulting at the Writing Centre add to what I already know from my classes with faculty?
It’s one thing (and indispensable) to be taught a subject, including the subject of academic writing, as happens in the classroom. But it is another to take ownership of teachings. This is what intellectual growth is ultimately about, and what good and original writing involves. However, it doesn’t come easily. Everyone who thinks and writes has personal ‘demons’ to defeat, as well as personal triumphs to take hold of. Therefore, the Writing Centre provides a personal process of consultations, so that you, the writer, can keep finding your voice, and discovering more and more about what makes you tick.

Can I visit the Writing Centre for my extra-curricular (non-University) writing?
Generally speaking, the Centre’s consultation hours are for working with University writing assignments alone.

But all kinds of writing are important to us, and a sound writing process spans all kinds of genres. Hence, the Writing Centre aims to promote a campus-wide culture of writing, via retreats, workshops and other events.

Can I come for a consultation even before I start writing?
Yes. Consultations can be beneficial at any stage of the writing process- including the planning/dreaming/thinking that ideally occurs before anything is written.

Can I get my drafts edited and proof-read at the Writing Centre?
The Writing Centre cannot edit and proof-read assignments, in a thorough way. However, we will point out patterns of mistakes, and suggest ways for the writer to resolve these issues at their root. The empowerment of the writer is the Centre's pedagogical goal, as opposed to providing band-aid fixes.

How do I set up a consultation at the Writing Centre?

There are two ways. You can click on the chat button on the right to begin a live-chat with one of us. This way, you can consult online and also fix up an in-person consultation asap.

Alternatively, or when we're offline, you can request an appointment at a time and day of your choosing, by clicking on the 'Request an appointment' button in the menu, or clicking on this appointments form. Your appointment will then be confirmed within eight hours, depending on availability.

Once an appointment is set up, please do not cancel unless absolutely necessary; give your writing the priority it deserves. In any case, cancellations (by email only) will not be permitted within six hours of the appointment time. You'll then be marked a no-show. Repeated no-shows will render a student ineligible to consult at the Writing Centre.

Who can I speak to and where can I ask if I have more questions?
Do email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also contact Aditya Sudarshan, Manager of the Writing Centre, at +91 9867583953.

Our Peer Tutors

The following undergraduate tutors staff the Writing Centre, as part of a credit-bearing set of courses in Writing Practice and Pedagogy.

Juhi Jotwani
Hi! I am Juhi and yes, I am a pirate. I am majoring in Literary and Culture Studies and my minor is open. I have taken Sociology and Music courses as my electives up till now. Other than the above subjects, I am always free to watch or chat about films (and also rob ships on the sea, obviously!)
Purvi Rajpuria
Purvi has a major in Literary and Cultural Studies and an open minor. She wants to make the most of her liberal arts experience by dipping her toes in many different things like Theatre and Design. Although most of her academic writing is for LCS subjects, she is always looking to learn more by reading about other disciplines.
Savitha Ganesh
Hi i'm Savitha! I major in Sociology and minor in LCS. Both are pretty interdisciplinary, I would say; they require a lot of writing as well. As a tutor, I offer a very invested second opinion and the experience of having written quite a few essays.
Anjali Chandawarkar
I am Anjali, a Literary and Cultural Studies major, and an Open minor. I have structured my minor to be able to tinker around with Sociology, Journalism, Film and TV, and Policy. I enjoy writing and research work, and hope to further my studies in something that involves both those activities.
Abhramika Choudhury
I am Abhramika Choudhuri. I am pursuing a psychology major with an open minor. Along with psychology my other subjects of interest are history, economics and sociology. As a tutor I think I am friendly, easy to talk to, a good listener, critical and honest.
Gopika Kumaran
I’m Gopika Kumaran, an Economics Major and Psychology Minor. I like reading, writing, and thinking about most things under the sun, including History, Politics, Culture, and the Environment. Writing is a great way to express ideas and can be an efficient and creative medium. Looking forward to meeting you and your ideas!
Hiranshi Mistry
Hiranshi Mistry is an indecisive young adult, majoring in International Studies and minoring as an open minor, under which she chooses subjects from different fields such as literary and cultural studies and public policy. Her interests vary from learning different languages, literature and politics, hence her choice of subjects reflects the same. She enjoys writing, non-academically and otherwise, and wishes to better her writing!
Arundhati Karumampoyil
I'm Arundhati, a second year LCS major with an Open minor and some crazy skills when it comes to random quiz facts. I love talking about other people's work and if that's what you'd like to try, I'm all ears! I also love dealing with technical nitty-gritties of academic writing as well and may or may not have memorised most of the APA citation guidelines (by mistake). When I'm not tutoring, you can find me trying out new languages, playing point-and-click games and looking up more outlandish facts to add to my collection. So, pop round for a session and bring along all of your weird and wonderful writing quirks. I look forward to helping guide you through the daunting task of college while I figure it out for myself!
Shreyasi Rao
I'm Shreyasi, a second year Literary and Cultural Studies Major with an Open Minor.
I switched to my current major from math just a few weeks before college began and still hold a strong interest for the sciences. I love reading and discussing topics across fields and I'm always curious about the politics of it all. Non-academically, you'll see me indulging in sub-par TV shows, tapping on duolingo or (occasionally) on the badminton court.
As a tutor, I'd love to delve deep into your content and style of writing. I'm always interested in the most efficient way to put forth an argument and I hope to learn more in every session.


The Writing Centre consultations will take place within the Collaborative Space, on the third floor of the Chandragupta building, at the top of the Academic Spine.

Saturday Writing Retreats

The Centre strives to organize Writing Retreats for students, every Saturday. These consist of structured days devoted to working on individual writing projects, with the advantage of a community of writers close at hand, for discussion, advice and other support.

We encourage you to go on 'retreat' regularly, as a way to get properly oriented towards your writing, in company with your peers, organize your schedules, and make progress on specific projects. Note that the Retreats are open for personal, non-academic writing as well.

Please use this form to sign up for a Retreat. These will take place every Saturday, provided there is a minimum number of participants.

Policy Note for Faculty

1. Writing Centre services complement the teaching process. We request your support in encouraging your students to consult at the Centre, regarding any assignments you give them. As you know, such consultations are beneficial for writers at all levels of proficiency, for the 'strong' and also for the 'weak.'

2. Our goal is to empower the student, especially so that they overcome anxieties as to judgment. In this regard, our experience has shown that making appointments mandatory or linking them with extra credit- even with the worthiest of intentions- tends to be perceived as burdensome. Therefore, we no longer accommodate mandatory or credit-linked sessions at the Writing Centre. Further, Writing Centre sessions will remain confidential, at the option of the student.

3. Please feel free to ask the Writing Centre to conduct group sessions related to any type of writing (eg., response papers, book reviews) or writing process, for your class. We will be happy to do so. You can contact us on email, phone, or chat.