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Alumni, Former Employees, Academic Visitors’ Membership

Alumni, academic visitors etc. will be welcomed to visit and use the library during the working hours. However, any library transactions by them shall be as per their membership status which will be governed as follows:

Key features:

Only the Member would be able to use the Membership card.


Borrowing facility:

  • 2 books for 30 days
  • Reference and Information Service
  • Database Search Service
  • Document Delivery
  • Inter library Loan
  • Indexing and Bibliography
  • Abstracting
  • Reading facility

Membership Fee:

Rs.5,000/- as One time Security Deposit (refundable)
Rs.2,500/- as Membership fee (annual)
Total fee: Rs.7,500/-


  • The filled in Membership form should be submitted to the Librarian along with a DD/Cheque payable to “FLAME University” or to the address provided in the contact.
  • Member is issued with Identity card. Member should carry the identity cards at the time of visit to the Vivekananda library.
  • Librarian would intimate you one month in advance regarding the renewal of Membership. The Annual Membership charges are subject to change as per the changes in the policy