The latest happenings in the FLAME Community

It was Steve Jobs who once compared professional interviews to a dance. Either you follow the beat of the interviewers or lead them to yours to make the right impression. Shreya Gupta has been an accomplished Kathak dancer and has made her presence felt on TV shows. The FLAME University student glided through her personal interview with RBL Bank with professional finesse. The Marketing Major has been placed in a Retail Landing profile at an impressive package. Interestingly, her choice of Minor in Digital Marketing played a part in her landing the role. ‘Though a fresher, I had interned with a Fintech company where I used to create content. I created approximately 50 YouTube videos on Finideas knowledge serials, and also conducted a seminar on easy investing,’ she says. Her moves in the professional sphere caught as much attention as her moves on the stage. And the rest, as they say, is her story!

The last dance

For management hopefuls, the placement season is the culmination of their two-year long efforts. It gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents and acquired skills. For Surat girl Shreya, the stage was set for a campus pool drive. She tells us that over 90 students from three colleges competed for the role in an arduous, day-long process. ‘The first round was a Group Discussion where we were divided into batches of 10. The personal interview with a panel of three lasted for 30 minutes. They asked me about my resume, personal strengths and weaknesses, technical questions related to marketing and finance, and situation-based questions. At the beginning of the day, they had given us a brief about RBL Bank. Later, I realized that the whole process was strategic. They wanted to verify if we strongly believed in the principles we were talking about. Being honest, remaining calm, and staying observant did the trick for me,’ she shares.

The curtain raiser

Shreya enrolled for the program at FLAME University with intent on making the most of her learning experiences. Her active roles include being part of the peer mentor program and auditing 4 extra courses like entrepreneurial finance, digital metrics and KPI, mergers and acquisitions, and marketing research. Alongside college fests, she worked on live projects, social welfare events, and entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance conclaves. The learning experiences were distilled on the professional stage during her internship with Finideas. ‘I was in the Marketing Department of the Fintech company. They wanted to create awareness about savings and investing them for the future. I came up with the idea of making YouTube videos, which would have maximum impact at low costs. I also designed brochures. This marketing experience in a Fintech company helped me in the interview with RBL Bank,’ she adds.

Stepping it up

After graduating in Accountancy and Taxation, Shreya stepped into an entirely new world of Marketing at FLAME University. She embraced the learning curve whole-heartedly and never looked back. She explored the world of Digital Marketing and realized the power of content and social media. A course on Business Analytics, and Harvard and IIM case studies were part of the program. In fact, the combination of Liberal Arts and Management courses, which FLAME University is known for, suited her interests. Another valuable asset she has gained is the power of networking. ‘It has been the most amazing journey involving both academic and personal growth spread over two years. It was my first time living on my own, diving into a new culture, and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. This helped to nurture curiosity, and encouraged me to keep learning new things, which is an asset in the professional world,’ she added.

Edging out competition

On a gruelling day, Shreya Gupta shone over 90 aspirants from different institutions. Her one goal: get noticed by RBL Bank, one of the fastest growing private sector banks in the country. She could do that as a fresher, and on the back of the learning experiences and the confidence gained at FLAME University.