Sakshi Uniyal, MBA student at FLAME University attends the World Innovation Summit on Education in Doha

World Innovation Summit on Education (WISE) is the premierinternational, multi-sectoral conference dedicated to building the future ofeducation through empowerment and partnership. The Summit gathers over 2,000 changemakers, innovators, thought leaders and policy makers to discuss the educationchallenges and opportunities in our times of political, economic and technological disruption. Topicslike newmodels of learning, the challenges of migration and inclusion, and leadershipin the transition to ‘knowledge societies’ are discussed. In addition to lively debates on the full range ofpressing education challenges with a diverse, global community committed tobuilding strong, prosperous, and secure societies through education, WISE 2017 alsoprovided valuable andunique networkingopportunities with a dynamic community of diverse stakeholders.

Sakshi Uniyal, MBA student at FLAME University, attended the World Innovation Summit on Education (WISE) in Doha, Qatar from14th November to 17th November 2017 under the theme “Co-Exist, Co-Create:Learning to Live and Work Together”. She gave a presentation on “Educationa Key Builder in Post-Conflict Zones - Highlighting Syrian Crisis”.

Thesummit had renowned speakers andpanelists namely Ms. Yalda Hakim (BBC World News), Mr. Fareed Zakaria(CNN), Prof. Kishore Mahbubani (Dean at Lee Kuan Ywe School of Public Policyof National University of Singapore), Dr. Astrid S.Tuminez (Regional Directorfor Corporate, Southeast Asia, Microsoft), Prof. Sebastian Thrun (Founder andPresident, Udacity) and Mr. Nicholas Sardirac (Co-Founder , Ecole 42).

Talkingabout her experience, Sakshi says, “Ialways keep searching for unique opportunities to engage in importantdebates and discussions on the full range of pressing challenges with adiverse, global community committed to building strong, prosperous, and securesocieties through various engagements. I am very humbled by FLAME Universityfor its immense support. I would specially like to highlight the learnings from speakers like Chimamanda Adichie and Stavros Yiannouka Ya who had a panel discussionat WISE 2017. The key takeaway from the discussion for me was that they wantto see the future of education being liberal and let students study what theylove in today’s day and age where lot of universities don’t allow the choice andforce students to pick streams as per grades and not passion. These thoughtswere aligned to the ethos of FLAME University which is a platform thatco-exists and co-creates future leaders. I am proudto be from FLAME University."

We, at FLAME University congratulate Sakshi and encourage more students toparticipate in such renowned and change propelling summits working forpromotion of ideas that are similar to FLAME’s ethos.