Mr. Prashant Jain, CEO of JSW Energy, shares his leadership mantras with the FLAME community

Mr. Prashant Jain, CEO of JSW Energy, shares his leadership mantras with the FLAME community

Mr. Prashant Jain, Joint Managing Director & CEO of JSW Energy visited FLAME University and interacted with our students and faculty. He was formally welcomed by Dr. Devi Singh, Vice-Chancellor, FLAME University.

“In today’s world if one wants to be relevant, one must connect with young people,” said Mr. Jain while expressing his pleasure to be visiting the campus and talking to the students. Mr. Jain spoke about his work life journey. He said self-awareness is of utmost importance in order to be successful. Knowing one’s strengths and capitalizing on them is what will make one stand out rather than trying to work on weaknesses. He said that there are three types of people in this world – one, who talk about others; two, who talk about events and others; and three, who talk about issues. The third kind are the ones who achieve leaving behind the first two.

He spoke about life juxtaposing it to a train journey. He stated, “There will be lot of trains going to lot of destinations. People and surroundings will coax you to catch a train. The train will take you to some destination too but whether that’s the destination you want to reach or the direction you want to take is the real question.”

“Clarity of perspective is what makes all complex problems easy,” he continued. “You must evade noise and clamor to clearly find solutions.”

Success comes to those who work diligently. Being focused and driven are cornerstones to success.  “Badaam khane se akal nahi aati, thokar khaane se aati hain,” he expressed. While enlightening that there is no one right or wrong approach to success, he asserted that being adaptable and managing one’s own expectations is what will lead you to the front of the line. “One has to die to go to heaven”, he said, reinstating the importance of hard work.

On the topic of ‘disruptions‘, he said that learning how to absorb and process everything is more relevant than knowing everything. Disruptions are much more frequent and dramatic than they used to be. Being able to quickly unlearn and adapt fast is the need of the hour.

He also advised the audience to invest in themselves and their health. While concluding, he stated, “As you succeed, the milestones will change but the journey is what will remain constant. If you don’t find what you love, love what you are doing. Hop on the train where you will enjoy the journey.”

We would like to thank Mr. Jain for being on the FLAME Campus and inspiring our students.