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If there could be a template for how to ace placement interviews, Jaynit Vora’s confident turn would make it somewhere at the top. The Finance Major, Class of 2020 at FLAME University recalls how he was quizzed about the health of the stock market by Associate VP of IIFL Securities. “This was in February, yet I said I was cautious on the markets. Even though my views differed from the panel, I was confident because I had my reasons to back my answers,” remarks Jaynit. The result was, he bagged the placement with an excellent package without a second interview, which other candidates had to go through.

In all, 20% of the students from the MBA Class of 2020 appeared for the IIFL placement process. Interestingly, they found a mention in Jaynit’s interview in the most endearing manner. When asked if he made the right decision with his University choice, he replied, “I wasn’t sure about the decision till a few days after joining the university. But seeing the quality of students and faculty members, I knew within a few days that I had made the right decision. You will see the quality of students when you interview other candidates.” Such high camaraderie for his colleagues is indeed commendable!

The interview had several questions regarding his internship, which he could answer comfortably. Looking back on his internship experience he says, “I did my internship with Kotak Securities, Kolkata and my project was ‘Markowitz Portfolio Optimization and Critical Evaluation of MACD using VBA Macros’. In all, I did five projects in the span of 2 months and the credit goes to my industry mentor. He kept motivating me to work hard and self-explore. I believe those projects were some of the most important contributors to my final placement.”

Jaynit’s industry mentor clearly has had a huge impact on him. He was the one whom the Kolkata boy called a day before his interview for tips, and also the first person he spoke to after he heard about his placement. Now he is ready to step into the professional sphere with his dream profile. “The role is more of an investment advisor where I will advise the HNI clients on different asset classes. These include stocks, derivatives, gold, mutual funds, government bonds and life insurance. It will include taking care of clients’ money and helping them diversify into several investments”. 

Being self-assured is something Jaynit has learned during his education at FLAME University. He remembers the support offered by inspiring faculty and industry experts, state-of-the-art infrastructure including the library, compulsory sports participation, an engaging peer network; how it all led to his holistic growth. It has shaped his beliefs, which he states, “On my first day here we were all asked to note down our weaknesses and to work on them. All you need to do is work hard and you are given all the opportunities to excel. I also learned that you can’t be afraid of rejection; getting rejected doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, it’s a chance to be a better version of yourself.”

Jaynit certainly has grabbed his chance and made it count.