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“You will not overcome any challenge; no matter how prepared you are, if you lose your calm. Hence, I got into meditation and exercise to have a healthy distraction, and used it as a way to maintain my sanity and stay focused,” says Simran Ahuja remembering the last few days before her CAT exam. While most of the CAT aspirants simply get to focus on their CAT prep, a lot of test-takers balance it alongside full-time job commitments as well. Simran was working with Healyos as an HR Executive in 2019, and prepping herself for the entrance examination as well. Therefore, she understands the nerve-wracking pressure candidates might feel this year, especially with the pattern changes and the uncertainties stemming from the pandemic, and offers thoughtful tips to overcome it. Read on.

For Simran, CAT preparations began six months before the crucial test. As a student who struggled with Mathematics, she decided to make it her focus area. Keeping up with her preparations while handling her work responsibilities at Healyos was another challenge. “It was bit of a struggle to manage my work life and studies. I feel all candidates should be aware of their fortes and limitations. I don’t think you can generalize your preparations; everyone works differently. It’s a good idea to personalize your study schedule based on your strengths and weaknesses,” she recommends.

Clearly, Simran is familiar with the trials one is put through couple of weeks before CAT. She acknowledges that the exam challenges you in a way that you have to be determined, well-prepared, and also have presence of mind. Those challenges are magnified this year with pattern changes necessitated by the pandemic. “Every year there are some changes to CAT in order to keep up with the times. This year it’s a 2 hour exam with a change in marks as well. It is a little tricky because there aren’t many mocks available in this pattern,” she acknowledges.

However Simran believes your solid preparations including regular mock tests can take you past the finish line. She certainly did with flying colors and secured her admission with FLAME University. According to her, it was an easy choice to make because, “FLAME University is focused on Liberal Arts, which I believe is the future of education. It is a forward thinking institution that not only focuses on academics but also helps us in gaining practical knowledge,” concludes the Pune-ite exploring the world of possibilities close to home.