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TedxFLAMEUniversity in its third consecutive year

We at TEDxFLAMEUniversity aim to inspire, to bring about innovations, and to propel change. This year, with our theme- "The Butterfly Effect"- our speakers discussed the importance of actions and the consequent ripple effect they create. The outdoors environment of the Ramanujan Amphitheatre was a refreshingly different location from the standard auditorium setting for events. Apart from the classic red TEDx sign on stage, the trees and footpaths were decorated with butterflies to celebrate the ripple effect. The relaxed ambience was given a finishing touch with the decorative string lights that came to life once the sun set. As the audience trickled in, there was anticipation in the air as they eagerly waited for the speakers to take the stage.  

Our first speaker was Ashish Kothari, a renowned environmentalist, who inspired us to think and plan for the future, to focus on the positives and the solutions for a better life. He spoke about the power of people’s movements and the books he has written and edited. In his simple and informative manner, he left the audience thinking about the strength of their voice.

Robin Singh, founder of Peepal Farm, compelled us to think about our actions and the consequences they have on people, and on the world as we know it. He spoke about the turning point in his life, along with sharing some raw, personal experiences. He urged us to consume consciously and to choose the path of sustainability-i.e. to start living instead of just existing.

Jason Arland, the next speaker, is a makeup artist and fashion icon. He held the audience’s attention with his humour and stage presence. His talk was moving in more than one way, because he spoke about the importance of faith- faith in one's dreams- and hard work. He stressed how important it is to stay true to yourself and to your values.

Priyanka Paul is a poet, artist and Instagram influencer. She made us stop and take a moment to think about the legitimacy of being "woke" and how crucial it is to be "woke"- aware and conscious of one's surroundings, of the struggles of our people, and the crises we're facing as a nation, on the fronts of caste, gender and economic inequality. She spoke about the importance of expression, raising your voice and propelling the wheels of some kind of change, big or small.

Vishwas Parchure, an experiential educator, aptly described the importance of having one's own story and accepting the risks and equilibrium that comes with it. He supported his talk with some deeply moving personal anecdotes and memories. His motto 'Get Uncomfortable' summarised his take on life. 

Music is not just a profession, it's a medium of expression for Ambika Nayak. She commanded rhythm and lyrics to tell her story to the audience. Her smooth, sweet voice filled the air and even the birds stopped to listen. She shared some personal experiences about her struggle with addiction, and how she overcame it and developed a sense of self-esteem. The biggest takeaway from her talk is that if you believe in yourself, then anything is possible.

Our roster of speakers all came from different walks of life and spoke about vastly different experiences. The audience was left feeling moved, enlightened, and inspired. Whether it was about reducing their carbon footprint, raising their voice, looking for deep experiences, or learning to believe in themselves- everyone had something to dwell on. This was the beginning of a true ripple effect as we all emerged from the experience, motivated and ready to make a change. Three cheers for the Butterfly Effect of TEDxFLAMEUniversity 2018!