Arun Thukral, CEO Axis Securities, addresses the FLAME community

Arun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities, addressed the FLAME Community on the topic, ‘Life starts at the end of your comfort zone’. He spoke about his professional journey and every point in his career where he tried to push himself and get out of his comfort zone to achieve something greater. Even though he was passionate about equities, he started his career in money markets and learnt the ropes. Explaining this point he said, “You might not get what you want immediately but the key is to enjoy whatever you get and give it your best. You will definitely be successful.”

Mr. Arun Thukral is the MD & CEO of Axis Securities Limited, a subsidiary of Axis Bank engaged in the distribution of a wide range of financial solutions and broking services to retail customers. Mr. Thukral is also the Director of Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB). He is a veteran banker and has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He started his career with UTI and thereafter has been associated with Axis Bank since inception. His major stint has been with the Department of Treasury. He has worked both in Corporate Banking and Retail Banking. 

Under his leadership, Axis Securities has grown rapidly. In a short span of 6 years, it is among the top 3 brokerage houses in India in terms of customer base. It has received the 'Best Growing Equity Broker' award multiple times. Axis Direct portal has been awarded in the 'Best Website/E-commerce' category. Axis Securities has also been awarded the 'Best Research' house and has bagged multiple awards, both domestic and international on 'Marketing Innovation'.

Mr. Thukral believes that the next decade belongs to India. He advocates customers to participate in the India growth story by targeting equity as an asset class. He actively contributes to leading business channels and newspapers on varied subjects.

Mr. Thukral believes that investor psychology plays a key role in successful investing. He is a keen observer of yoga philosophy and uses various yogic concepts to explain investor psychology and how one can use them effectively to create wealth. He explained, “Vidya (knowledge), asmita (ego), raga (attachment), dwesh (hatred) and abhinivesh (fear) are five kaleshas that one needs to handle well in their life and also in their investments to be able to flourish.”

On a concluding note he said, “Having more time is being wealthy, having more money is being rich. One needs to spend their time well to be prosperous in life.”

FLAME University is glad to have had Mr. Thukral amongst us.