WageIndicator and FLAME University collaborate to form a Research Lab.

The WageIndicator Research Lab in collaboration with FLAME University was set up in August 2019. Over the last semester, our student interns have been working on several projects in the areas of minimum wages, labour laws and the cost of living in over 125 countries. Their hard work has been highly appreciated by the entire WageIndicator community. Few highlights of the work done by 55 interns include: writing weekly news headlines for more than 40 country websites; data analysis and visualization of themes relating to pay and job satisfaction across countries, paid and unpaid training around the world, women in MNCs - an international comparison, and many more. Our students will also start working on the National Poverty Line Database next month. More details about their work can be found here. #Economics #StudentShowcase #FLAMEUniversity #FLAMEExperience #FSLE #LiberalEducation #Interdisciplinary

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