Smriti Jalihal contributes to multiple projects related to marine wildlife conservation

Smriti Jalihal, undergraduate student @FLAMEUniversity and Research Assistant with Prof. Andrea Phillott's research group is contributing to multiple projects, such as identifying environmental and social factors that will contribute to longevity of the Velas Sea Turtle Festival, documenting fisher interactions with marine wildlife, and using tracking data to assess national legislation, international instruments and protected areas that aid in sea turtle conservation in the Indian Ocean. Smriti is applying research methods and tools including Geographic Information Systems, field surveys, and primary and secondary data analysis. She has presented aspects of her collaborative work with Prof. Phillott at the Student Conference on Conservation Science-Bengaluru (2018 and 2019) and contributed to the 2019 Annual Regional Report for the Middle East and South Asia to the Marine Turtle Specialist Group. Smriti is also working with Prof. Prasad Pathak, Prof. Chaitanya Ravi and Prof. Poonam Gandhi on a project relating to the spatial aspect of Pune City and its cultural heritage. #StudentShowcase #FLAMEUniversity #FLAMEExperience #StudentResearch

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