FLAME in the news | May 28, 2021

Choosing a right career path is one of the most important objectives in our life. In fact, choosing a career is a major decision of our life. For choosing the right career, it is imperative to understand our interests, passion, skills and future goals. FLAME University provides liberal education to the students. It urges students with multi-discipline so that they can view things from different perspectives and come up with better solutions. The university focuses and trains students to build a purposeful life rather than a narrow and specific profession. Careers360 brings here the story of Flame University student, Shrey Salwan, who transitioned from a finance guy to a marketing major.

Shrey Salwan was on a course to pursue MBA in Finance at Flame University to become an Analyst, however, through his experiences at the university and internships he picked Marketing and Digital Marketing as his specializations.

He always had a keen interest in drawing, painting, illustrations, origami, tessellations, and even embroidery. Over time his creative interests moved towards Haute Couture. However, Shrey Salwan's creative pursuit set back when he devoted himself to CA studies.

During his time at Flame University, Shrey Salwan's flame of creativity reignited again. “The FLAME University curriculum provided a platform to tap into my creative side again. I've gone from making to-the-point presentations to telling stories through GIFs. I've done a theatre class performance about a maniacal serial killer on the loose, which everyone thought was very convincing. The response and support has encouraged me to be more creative in my work,” said Shrey Salwan.

Shrey's first internship was with Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd. where writing financial literacy blogs for the company made him realize that he could creatively express any idea. In his third internship with AXE Capital, the company entrusted him with the design of their entire website.

Shrey Salwan will soon be a part of the company’s marketing team and alongside he is also pursuing his Internship with Nestle in its Sales and Marketing team; devising email and social media promotional strategies.

An MBA experience helped Shrey in identifying his interests and pursuing them with gusto. His experience at FLAME University helped him to transit from being a finance guy to a marketing major.