FLAME in the news | May 24, 2021

PUNE: FLAME University has announced its online summer immersion programme (FU-SIP) 2021 for high school students in June. Participants can experience university life, interdisciplinary academics and help students strengthen their skills through academic and non-academic courses.

The programme will begin from June 21 and end on June 26. The application deadline is June 14. Candidates must be in standards IX, X or XI and at least 14 years of age as on March 15, 2021.

Chairperson Suniti Vadalkar said, “We open our doors to high school students every year for an experience of being in a unique liberal arts university and help them see things from different perspectives.”

Vice-chancellor Dishan Kamdar said, “Our faculty members will introduce students to new concepts, encourage them to develop new skills and help them better understand their individual interests.”