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“When I realized how much I wanted to bag the job I decided to do everything to exceed my expectations and secure it,” FLAME University’s student Sakshi Joshi reveals the drive that brought out the best in her during the placement season. The MBA Class of 2021 student speaks of the Management Trainee role offered by IT solutions powerhouse Birlasoft. From doing her research by speaking to an alumnus employed with the company, to consciously working on her limitations during preparations, she divulges the strategies that helped her bag her the prestigious placement. 

“Resilience was the key for me to reach the end of the tunnel with composure and balance.”

Preparing for the placement season during the peak of the global pandemic would throw the best of us off balance. Sakshi admits that there was a lot of stress, fear, and uncertainty but she derived her strength from everyone around her. “I quietly observed the world, slowly accepting the change and getting things back in shape. The closest example for me was FLAME University, which seamlessly transitioned to virtual learning. It made me realize the value of resilience, which I have tried to imbibe since then,” she says.

“The ability to identify our weakness is our biggest strength.” 

Although the cohort was only virtually engaged for months, the placement preparation wasn’t compromised. Sakshi feels the weekly aptitude tests, faculty feedback, alumni sessions offered insights on the challenges of the placement season. But it was up to her to make that winning impression. “I realized that my real weakness was my lack of confidence and not the answers I give. I remained conscious of that and worked on it during mock interviews. It wasn’t easy but just identifying my weak spot gave me strength to go through the highs and lows,” she says.

“On interview day, I reminded myself of my commitment to the preparations.”

All your preparations can come to a naught if you don’t deliver on the selection day. Sakshi was aware of that as she went through grueling rounds of interviews to bag her placement. “The initial two rounds were quite stressful and intimidating, but I saw each step as a challenge. I also reminded myself how much I wanted the role. It filled me with new vigour and ensured that I didn’t reveal any nervousness I felt during the various rounds,” she adds. 

“For me, success won’t be quantified in terms of position or compensation.”

Sakshi’s internships with Schreiber Dynamix Dairies and Talentedge offered her real-world experience in her specialization area of Marketing. They also imbibed time management and strategic thinking abilities. But it was the liberal education at FLAME University that made her realize that success could mean a lot more than professional glory. “Doing Theatre and Dance, studying psychology, sociology during my MBA was way out of my comfort zone. But the holistic learning shaped my personality and allowed me to look around and decide for myself what success and growth mean to me,” she says as she sets out to chart her path to success.