A window to the wide world
Aarathi Ganesan
UG Student | FLAME University
Summer abroad @ Yale University, USA

There is an underlying sense of inferiority that most citizens of the developing world possess. While at Yale (and in New Haven), I realized that this inferiority is misplaced for the most part. Yale University is an extremely rigorous academic institution, spread across a gorgeously Gothic campus, in a diverse American city. And yet, there were so few differences between it and FLAME – barring the 400-year-old architecture, and the beautiful city of Pune – that I couldn’t help but feel empowered. Not because FLAME has ‘caught up’ with an Ivy League (which I really believe it has, academically), but because it has forged a similar identity, in a uniquely original Indian context. FLAME is competing with the world on its own parameters, and as a result has quite definitively changed the face of Indian higher education, from servile to assertive. You cannot help but be humbled in the face of all of this, not only as a proud Indian, but as a former product of an education system that encouraged boundaries as opposed to liberality. I loved the experience of studying at Yale University, but most importantly, I grew to love FLAME University even more.