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"Self-efficacy Beliefs and Imitation: A Two-armed Bandit Experiment" - A Talk by Stefania Innocenti (St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford)
Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

The Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) Nuffield - FLAME University is pleased to welcome Dr. Stefania InnocentiStipendiary Lecturer in Economics at St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford. Dr. Innocenti will be presenting joint work with Robin Cowan titled "Self-efficacy Beliefs and Imitation: A Two-armed Bandit Experiment.


In economics, imitation is often considered a behaviour driven by payoff-enhancement motives. Psychology provides a complementary explanation: imitation becomes appealing when agents have little faith in their abilities. We investigate the extent to which self-efficacy beliefs affect agents’ propensities to imitate others. We propose an experimental task, which is a modified version of the two-armed bandit. We measure participants’ self-efficacy beliefs, then study inpidual learning. Subsequently, we measure how inpiduals use the information they gather observing a randomly selected group leader. We find that, in stable environments, a 1% increase in inpidual self-efficacy reduces the propensity to imitate others by 3%.


Dr. Innocenti holds a stipendiary Lecturer position in economics at St. Peter’s College in the University of Oxford and a Research Associate position in behaviour, finance and social statistics at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, also at the University of Oxford. She received her Ph.D. from UNU-MERIT/ Maastricht University. Her research focuses on the evolution of social norms and institutions, biases in decision-making and behavioural economics. Prior to her Ph.D., Dr. Innocenti worked at the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance. Dr. Innocenti was a Junior Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences at Nuffield College in the University of Oxford and has also worked at the European University Institute and at the UN International Labour Office.

For more information about Dr. Innocenti, please visit this website.

Location Ramanujan 001 Lecture Theatre
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