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Prof. Artatrana Ratha

Ph.D. In Economics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA; M.A. in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, B.A in Economics (Honours) from GM College, Sambalpur University.


Prof. Artatrana Ratha is Professor – Economics at FLAME University and he received his Doctorate Degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Master of Arts in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, India; and his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Honours) from G M College, Sambalpur University.

Currently on sabbatical from St Cloud State University, Minnesota, Prof. Ratha has over 19 years of work experience. He has held visiting positions in Oregon, Wisconsin, Kazakhstan, and India. He was awarded a Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lectureship to India in 2010-11.

Professor Ratha is a macroeconomist broadly specializing in international and development economics. An interest in global economic issues has led him to research the exchange rate-trade balance dynamics of several countries (J-Curve, S-Curve), the expansionary devaluation hypothesis for China and India, the twin-deficits theory for India, the stability of the euro-demand function, and most recently, international remittance flows (the Dutch-disease phenomenon, macroeconomic determinants). His work has appeared in several journals including African Development Review, Applied Economics, China Economic Review, Contemporary Economic Policy, Economics Bulletin, Empirical Economics, International Trade Journal, Japan and the World Economy, Journal of Developing Areas, Journal of Economic Development, Review of International Economics, and South Asia Economic Journal.


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