Welcome Note

We extend you an invitation to visit our beautiful campus nestled in Lavale valley, Pune, and participate in our campus recruitment process to assess our graduating students for your current talent acquisition requirements as well as our pre-final year students for summer internships on ‘live’ projects.

At FLAME University, it is our incessant endeavor to make all our students market-ready. The Corporate Relations and Placement Office (CRO) facilitates students to explore the world of employment and new career avenues.

The CRO acts as a bridge between student, alumni and employers. Feedback from industry is fed back as input for curriculum redesign and alignment with the ever changing needs of the fast evolving market place.

The mission of the CRO is:

  • To strengthen industry connect.
  • To help students secure a suitable career and enhance employability.

Our students are not only business ready managers and leaders; they also have strong social and ethical values. FLAME takes pride in bringing back the concept of the “Guru-Shishya Parampara” for seamlessly blending it with modern information, communication technology and world class infrastructure. Holistic and interdisciplinary development of students is our prime focus.

We are confident that our students will prove to be assets to your organization. We look forward to your participation in our placement process!