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From this department, we offer two majors : Operations and Business Analytics


The program in Operations provides the students an opportunity to pursue their academic interests in the Area of Operations/Supply Chain Management (SCM). The area focuses on designing, operating, and improving the productive systems - the systems that produce and deliver products and/or services. The program enables participants to ensure that transformational processes are performed efficiently and that the output is of greater value than the sum of the inputs.

The operations major program focuses on the two very broad disciplines of (a) Supply Chain Management (SCM) and (b) Project Management. The three courses related to Supply Chain Management area have been designed to develop capabilities to manage the flow of goods, services, and information through the supply chain in an integrated manner in order to make the chain responsive to customer needs while lowering total costs. The Project Management course focuses on developing capabilities to plan and control large projects within the resource and budget constraints while keeping them on schedule.

The career opportunities for the operations majors start with the positions of purchasing managers, plant/production manager, logistics managers, warehouse managers, distribution centre manager, business process improvement analyst, project manager, hospital administrators, branch manager (in a bank), etc. The participants can hope to rise rapidly to the positions like chief operating officer and chief supply chain officer in large multinationals.



The Business Analytics specialisation offers courses in the disciplines of Business and Data Analytics, Advanced Operations Research, and Enterprise Data Management, besides introducing the student to Big Data and AI and ML. Relevant skill sets are imparted to the students through an appropriate blend of academic and experiential learning. Also a solid foundation is laid in the application of statistical methods, techniques, and tools to large datasets. The specialisation provides students with the background needed to apply statistical methods and techniques through use of decision support systems (DSS), expert systems (ES), business intelligence (BI) reporting tools, and business analytics (BA) data mining tools. The specialisation is built upon a strong and holistic understanding of business areas such as finance, marketing, research methods, accounting, ethics, and entrepreneurship. Graduates will be prepared for business analytics and reporting positions in any industry and also to pursue higher education in data science or allied areas.