What They Say


  • Deepak Parekh

    Chairman, HDFC

    "This is an exceptional institute and today is an exceptional day. To be part of an institute which is founded on the concept of liberal education, itself gives you a head start. FLAME has given you an indelible stamp. A stamp of differentiation, which I am sure will carry you all your life."

  • Dilip Shanghvi

    Founder and Managing Director, Sun Pharmaceuticals

    “Having known the founders (of FLAME) over the years, and having witnessed their zeal for bringing about successful wholesome improvements for the benefit of the entire society, I am convinced that this “FLAME” too will continue to burn forever.”

  • N.R. Narayana Murthy

    Co-Founder, Infosys

  • Dr. R.A. Mashelkar

    Former Director General, CSIR

    "You know about institutions, they say that there are two things that matter. The first is, ambience; and the second is ambition. Getting these two together makes the magic work of creating a world class institution. And what I am very happy to see is this very unique combination of ambience and ambition here. It’s terrific!"

  • Uday Kotak

    Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Bank

    "Delighted to be at FLAME. What a wonderful campus! Makes me proud as an Indian. Look forward to the FLAME burning forever!"

  • Amitabh Bachchan

    Indian Film Actor

    "I was so enamored, I wanted to enroll all over again. I hope the desire to learn exists with me through out. I would relish that. And recommend too. Learn. Just anything. How wonderful! The thought of preparing for examination again after having hated it 40 years ago!"

  • M.S. Dhoni

    Captain, Indian National Cricket Team

    "The best thing you can do is set your own benchmark."

  • Anil Agarwal

    Founder & Executive Chairman, Vedanta

    “All of you have to promise that you cannot think small."

  • Aditya Puri

    Managing Director, HDFC Bank

    "I am absolutely delighted to be here, at a premier center of learning, among so much enthusiasm, that the kids have."

  • K.V. Kamath

    Former Managing Director, ICICI Bank and Former Chairman, Infosys

    "I have a confession to make. I have not seen a better campus than this in India. I honestly mean it. I have done four convocations this year amongst several in the past. I have never ever seen a class, a graduating class, which is more effervescent, more ebullient, and more enthused by their graduation."

  • Shikha Sharma

    Managing Director & CEO, Axis Bank

    “I don’t look back. I look at mistakes to learn from them, and move on. Making mistakes is okay, as long as you acknowledge them, learn from them.“

  • Sajjan Jindal

    Chairman & Managing Director, JSW Steel

    "Very, very beautiful and fantastic campus. I wish I was your age and studied here. It’s an absolutely fantastic campus and you are really the fortunate ones studying here."

  • Anu Aga

    Former Chairwomen, Thermax

  • R. Gopalakrishnan

    Director, TATA Sons

    “The FLAME School of Business is about the right brain, it’s about emotion, It’s about space, it’s about design. It’s not just about studying accountancy, strategy and going out into the world of business. It’s a different kind of school.”

  • Subhash Chandra

    Chairman, Essel Group

    "It (FLAME) is really very, very unique. I have not seen or come across any institution that is imparting education in such a liberalised manner."

  • V.G. Siddhartha

    Founder-Owner, Café Coffe Day

    “Don’t get upset with small failures. Destiny will drive you to the right place, at the right time. Don’t give up.”

  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

    Partner, Rare Enterprises

    "It's a great thing. All the students who are doing the course after 12th standard are doing a brilliant thing. Indian colleges, fortunately or unfortunately, don't really offer any scope for some good education. It's a different, innovative course. I am very bullish on this course."

  • Vindi Banga

    Senior partner, Clayton Dubilier & Rice

    "This is truly a unique institution. It's a true crucible of innovative education. It is an innovator that brings all these disciplines as we've just seen together truly unique. I have been to many universities but I have never come across anything like this before."

  • Sharad Pawar

    President of the Nationalist Congress Party

    "Modern India needs such initiatives as FLAME in the field of education. We need visionaries who would help students to go ahead and face life without fear. An educated and dedicated workforce alone could constitute the bulwark for a strong India!"

  • Piyush Goyal

    Hon’ble Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy in the Government of India

  • Uddhav Thackery

    Pramukh (Chief), Shiv Sena

  • Vinod Tawde

    Senior Leader, BJP

  • Agatha Sangma

    Former Member of Parliament of India

  • Shyam Rajak

    Food minister, Bihar

  • Satyabrata Pal

    Former Envoy To Pakistan; Member of National Human Rights Commission

  • Arup Patnaik

    Former Mumbai Police Commissioner

  • Arun Bhatia

    President, People’s Guardian Party

  • Virender Sehwag

    Indian Cricketer

    “Cricket has taught me how to live life, and that you have to give respect to each other, you have to give respect to your elders, give space to others."

  • Shaun Pollock

    Former South African Cricketer

  • R.P. Singh

    Indian Cricketer

  • Harsha Bhogle

    Indian Cricket Commentator and Journalist

  • Kiran More

    Wicket-keeper, Indian Cricket team; Former Chairman of the Selection Committee of the BCCI

    "FLAME is one of the best institutes in India. The amount of subjects offered, fantastic facilities most of all, the excellent faculty, makes me want to relive my college days all over again"

  • Geet Sethi

    Former World Billiards Champion

  • Gagan Narang

    Indian Shooter

  • Aamir Khan

    Indian Film Actor

  • Imran Khan

    Indian Film Actor

    “Coming from a film family, I got offers and opportunities that I wouldn’t have got otherwise. That being said, it’s up to you to make something of that, and if the audience doesn’t find you interesting, they don’t care who your father is.”

  • R. Madhavan

    Indian Film Actor

  • Shraddha Kapoor

    Indian Film Actor

    "The (FLAME) Campus is so beautiful, absolutely stunning, that makes you want to go back to studying."

  • Anurag Kashyap

    Indian Film Director

    “This is an amazing campus, seriously.”

  • Kalki Koechlin

    Indian Film Actor

    “I went to university in London, and I feel I should have stayed here. It’s very very beautiful.”

  • Rahul Bose

    Indian Film Actor

    "The journey of life is all about finding what makes you happy. That's where your personal success lies. It took me 20 years to understand this secret!"

  • Shruti Hassan

    Indian Film Actor

    "The biggest lesson that I had in my life is failure."

  • Jackie Shroff

    Indian Film Actor

  • Sunil Shetty

    Indian Film Actor & Director

  • Rajpal Yadav

    Indian Film Actor

  • Mahesh Manjrekar

    Indian Film Actor & Director

  • Shubha Mudgal

    Indian Singer of Hindustani Classical Music

    "This is a fantastic place. I wish we had such a pIace when we were young."

  • Abhijeet Bhattacharya

    Indian Singer

  • B.V. Doshi

    Noted Indian Architect

  • Yash Pal

    Noted Indian Scientist & Educationist

  • Jayant Narlikar

    Noted Indian Astrophysicist

  • Kiran Datar

    Former Advisor of National Knowledge Commission, Government of India

  • Indu Shahani

    Principal, H.R. College

  • Srikant Datar

    Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University

    “I have come to realize how these same two qualities - the courage to act ethically and to have empathy and compassion - characterize so many of the great managers and leaders I have come to admire.”

  • Narendra Jadhav

    Noted Indian Educationist

  • Y.S.P. Thorat

    Former Chairman, NABARD

  • Vivek Chand Sehgal

    Chairman, Motherson Sumi Group

  • M.M. Murugappan

    Vice Chairman, Murugappa Group

  • T.V. Mohandas Pai

    Chairman, Manipal Global Education

  • Ameet Desai

    Chief Financial Officer, Adani Enterprises

    "If you think you are so smart, that you will out smart other people, then good people will stop working for you.”

  • Abhijit Pawar

    Managing Director, Sakal Media Group

  • Sanjay Kirloskar

    Chairman and Managing Director, Kirloskar Brothers

  • M.P. Taparia

    Managing Director, Supreme Industries

  • Satish Mehta

    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Emcure Pharmaceuticals

  • A.V. Dharmakrishnan

    CEO, Madras Cements

  • Kishore Chaukar

    Managing Director, Tata Industries

    “I was truly impressed with the approach FLAME is following for a holistic education in the field of management. I truly believe that a narrow ‘business’ oriented curriculum with emphasis on tools and techniques of improving performance is not adequate for building a competent manager and a durable business; and certainly not for improving the well being of the communities and the nation at large.
    I was encouraged to see that FLAME tries to incorporate all these aspects, including experiences in movie-making, fine arts, developmental work and adventure sports in their training programmes for holistic education; besides of course the fact that they have accomplished faculty from various professions, and of course a very pleasant campus ambience.”

  • Rajeev Dubey

    President, Mahindra & Mahindra

  • Sanjay Labroo

    Managing Director & CEO, Asahi India Glass

  • Pranay Chulet

    Co-Founder & CEO, Quickr

  • Radhakishan Damani

    Noted Investor

  • Raamdeo Agrawal

    Co-founder of Motilal Oswal Financial Services

    “Quality ideas will not come to you everyday.”

  • Madhusudan Kela

    Chief Investment Strategist, Reliance Capital

    “I wanted to meet Tendulkar, to understand what drives that person for 20 years? He can just go to the same field every day in the morning, practice, play for India, be dedicated to cricket. So if you have the desire and passion, you can carry on for years and years.”

  • Ramesh Damani

    Noted Investor

    “Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful campus. It is my first visit here and I am certain it will not be my last.”

  • Sunil Singhania

    CIO - Equity Investments at Reliance Mutual Fund

    “For every asset management company, they at least have to have few products that are consistently among the best performing products, and that’s the challenge.”

  • Prashant Jain

    Chief Investment Officer, HDFC Asset Management

  • Parag Parikh

    Founder & Former Chairman, PPFAS

    “Your self-knowledge and your self-awareness is ultimately the key to your success.”

  • Sanjoy Bhattacharya

    Founder, Fortuna Capital

  • Nilesh Shah

    Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management

  • Sanjay Bakshi

    Noted Investor

  • Chetan Parikh

    Director, Jeetay Investments

    “You don’t need to know the exact intrinsic or fundamental value of the company. You need to know whether it is significantly undervalued or significantly overvalued. You don’t need to know the exact weight of a person to know whether he is under-weight or over-weight.”

  • Sampath Reddy

    Chief Investment Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

    "In the case of insurance if they increase the FDI limit, nobody is going to lose any jobs. More and more jobs are going to be created.”

  • Bharat Shah

    Executive Director, ASK Group

    “The basic principles of investing has remained unchanged, over almost recorded history of centuries. Those fundamental principles have simply not altered. What has altered is, from time to time, our own interpretation of it."

  • Manish Chokhani

    Chairman, TPG Growth India

    “Sometimes you just have to go opposite. In the times of distress, you may get great businesses.”

  • Anirudha Dutta

    Former Head of Research, CLSA India

  • Sameer Koticha

    Founder Promoter, ASK Group

  • Mukarram Bhagat

    Executive Director, ASK Investment Holdings

  • Mahesh Chhabria

    Partner, Actis

  • Amit Goela

    Partner, RARE Enterprises

  • Vibhav Kapoor

    CIO, IL&FS

    “While theory is good enough, you have to know theory, it’s a very good basic tool. But it’s really the experience that ultimately makes the difference.”

  • Abhay Havaldar

    Advisory Director | General Atlantic

  • Kalpraj Dharamshi

    Founder, Dharamshi Securities

  • Sandeep Kothari

    Portfolio Manager, Fidelity

  • Utpal Sheth

    Partner, RARE Enterprises

  • Megh Manseta

    Noted Investor

  • Prithvi Haldea

    Founder Chairman, PRIME Database

  • Govind Ethiraj

    Founder and Former Editor-In-Chief of Bloomberg UTV

  • Nikhil Advani

    Indian Film Director

    “When we walked in over here, we couldn’t believe this was a college."

  • Mohan Agashe

    Indian Theatre & Film Actor

  • Atul Kulkarni

    Indian Film Actor

  • Ayushman Khurana

    Indian Film Actor & Singer

  • Kannan Mohan

    Indian Singer

  • Gaurav Dagaonkar

    Music Director & Singer

    “I am really going to miss this place. I am really going to miss my college.”

  • Stevan Riley

    Film Director

  • Meghna Gulzar

    Indian Film Director

    “I wish we had such courses as interesting as film-making when we were in college."

  • Madhav Roy Kapoor

    Indian Film Producer

  • Jeff Marx

    Music Composer & Lyricist

  • Nikhil Chinnapa

    Indian Video Jockey

  • Rahul Ram

    Indian Bass Guitarist & Music Composer

  • Chetan Bhagat

    Indian author, columnist, screenwriter and speaker

    "Obviously, you guys joined FLAME as you felt it was a little different from others. That means you are looking to do something in your life which you feel proud of."

  • Ayaz Memon


  • Lynda Barry

    American Cartoonist & Author

  • Kumar Ketkar

    Indian Journalist and Chief Editor of Dainik Divya Marathi

  • Mridula Koshy

    Indian Author

  • Sudeep Chakravarti

    Author & Journalist

  • Anurag Batra

    Chairman, Businessworld

  • Raghu Dixit

    Indian Singer & Composer

  • Sandeep Bhagwati


  • B.P. Bam

    Noted Sports Psychologist

  • Sudhir Kapadia

    Partner & National Tax Leader, Ernst & Young India

  • Viren Rasquinha

    Former Indian National Hockey Captain

  • Rafiq Dossani

    Former Senior Research Scholar and Executive Director at Stanford University's Asian Pacific Research Center

  • Sarath Sathkumara

    Managing Director, Taiyo Pacific Partners

  • Ramesh Sippy

    Indian Film Director

  • Justice P.B. Sawant

    Former Supreme Court of India Judge

  • E. Sreedharan

    'Metro Man', Former Managing Director, Delhi Metro

  • Mr. B. Muthuraman

    Padma Bhushan recipient and former Vice Chairman of Tata Steel

  • Navneet Munot

    Chief Investment Officer, SBI Mutual Fund

  • Kenneth Andrade

    Former Head of Investments, IDFC Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.

  • Amay Hattangadi

    Co-Lead Portfolio Advisor, Morgan Stanley

  • Vetri Subramaniam

    CIO, Religare Invesco Mutual Fund

  • Russell Napier

    Market Historian

  • Javed Akhtar

    Screenwriter, Lyricist

  • Jatin Paranjpe

    Former BCCI Selector

  • Keki Mistry


  • Jagdish Sheth

    Marketing Guru, Professor of Marketing, Emory University

  • Saurabh Mukherjea

    CEO, Ambit Capital

  • Nandan Nilekani

    Co-Founder, Infosys



  • Ruzbeh Bodhanwala

    “The work culture, high level of academic integrity and freedom is what I cherish. "

  • Maya Dodd

    “FLAME offered the promise of originating a brand new style of education and pioneering new majors that were missing in the Indian context."

  • Suniti Vadalkar

    “This lateral aspect, which is anchored in liberal education sets FLAME apart from any other institution in our country."

  • Sonam Mansukhani

    “I chose FLAME simply because of the fact that 'Liberal Education' sets it apart from other educational institutions."

  • Salim Shamsher

    “It is a place that provides both to the students and the faculty an opportunity to blend the learning and development of the mind, the body and the soul."

  • Khalid Sheikh

    “I had expected—and have actually experienced— FLAME as a place where you can fully concentrate on academics and yet enjoy all the good things of life."

  • Vahideh Razmi

    “I cherish the emphasis on excellence in all aspects at FLAME."

  • Ganeshdatta Poddar

    “FLAME has introduced an innovation in higher education in our country."

  • Sameer Dublay

    “The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it includes both the theory as well as practice of the discipline."

  • Diganta Chakrabarti

    “FLAME is a pioneer of liberal education in India and it offers the most innovative and contemporary curriculum to students."

  • Ankita Tandon

    “I chose FLAME as it promised to provide an environment where multidisciplinary interactions were possible, giving a broader world view to both students and faculty."

  • Niraj Mankad

    “The use of multiple pedagogical tools within a course is the most outstanding feature."

  • Santosh Kudtarkar

    “Small class sizes leads to deeper engagement with the students, resulting in a dynamic pedagogical practice for more effective individual learning."

  • Vinod Vidhwans

    “I believe FLAME is a revolutionary idea that has changed the philosophy of contemporary education in India."

  • Priya Joshi

    “Innovation in education under the umbrella of traditional values and modern infrastructure is what I cherish the most about FLAME."

  • Poonam Gandhi

    “FLAME has provided an institutional space for me to design and teach courses which are engaging and highly relevant."

  • Ashutosh Potdar

    “What sets apart FLAME from other institutions are its active infrastructure and design that we can utilize creatively."

  • Chitra Dandawate

    “The freedom to innovate and experiment is what I appreciate the most at FLAME."

  • Priya Nair

    “FLAME focuses on empowering students to understand complex and diverse issues in a range of disciplines from Science to Social Science to Art and Culture."

  • Gauri Gandhi

    “I was most impressed by the commitment of the FLAME community towards holistic grooming, with Fine Arts as one of the important components."

  • Kunal Ray

    "The work cum learning environment here allows me, even as a teacher, to experiment with my methods, to design and develop a wide range of interesting courses, to innovate, and to develop my own skills and competencies."

  • Shweta Rana

    “Interactive teaching using practical approaches, discussions, hands on experience in labs, field work, etc. leads to effective learning."

  • Viraj Shah

    “We do not focus only on content delivery, but also on honing the skills of students such as writing, conducting research, presenting on thematic aspects and critical thinking."