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PG Diploma – Film Direction & Screenplay Writing | FTII - Pune

Prof. Ajay Raina
Post Graduate Diploma in Film Direction & Screenplay Writing from Film and Television Institute of India [FTII], Pune

Professor – Film & TV

Prof. Ajay Raina is Professor – Film & TV at FLAME University. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Film Direction & Screenplay Writing from FTII Pune & has completed Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from R.E.C Srinagar.

His work mainly explores the contemporary context of the conflict in Kashmir and the experience of exile, displacement and diaspora through an exploration of history, memory and Hindu - Muslims relations post partition. He is the winner of the National Award (Rajat Kamal) and also the Golden Conch award besides many others. His films have been screened at many forums, seminars, major international and national film festivals.

He has taught courses in Cinema studies, Film Direction, Documentary and Screenplay writing at University of Pennsylvania, Film and Television Institute of India, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and has also held the position of Chairperson Academics at ISB&M School of Communication. He is the founder of Kashmir Oral History project and curator of a travelling festival of films related to Kashmir conflict.