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M.Des. – Industrial Design | IIT - Bombay

Prof. Vinay Mundada
M.Des (Industrial Design) - IDC, IIT, Bombay [1988] ; B.E. (Production)- VJTI, Bombay [1986]

Adjunct Faculty – Design

Prof. Mundada holds a Bachelor of Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai (Mumbai University) and is also a Master of Design from Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay.

Prof. Mundada has 29+ years of rich experience in product design and design education spanning across Electronic Product Design and Development, User Centered Design, Product Interface Design, Product Ergonomics, Design for Manufacturing, Design for end-of-life, CAD, Model Making and Prototype Development in the professional context and design educator & administrator in the academic domain.

His involvement in the academic domain has included imparting education and training, curriculum design, infrastructure development and overall administration of Design School. He has been a part of several institutes like DSK WORLD UNIVERSITY (Pune), SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF DESIGN (SID) and NIELIT (CEDTI), Aurangabad.

Prof. Mundada enjoys all aspects of design, from contextual research to conceptualization to prototyping to testing to enhancements.

Prof. Mundada believes it is essential to institutionalize the functional aesthetics across (for profit) organizations, (not-for-profit) communities, and society at large, which makes social, environmental & economic sense. As a design educator & administrator, he wishes to design and effectively implement curriculum having (user centered) design methodology; aesthetic sensibilities coupled with technology advancements that enable ‘quality of living’ across the socio-economic spectrum.

  • Nitin Khedkar, Vinay M Mundada and Kushal Jadhav (2014) Product Detailing, A Key to Implementation of Product Design Concepts for Sustainable Design. Proceedings of the International Conference On Trends in Product Life Cycle, Modeling, Simulation and Synthesis (PLMSS-2014), VIT University Vellore, India during January 6-8, 2014.
  • Vinay M Mundada and A M Ahmad (1994) Electronic Product Design and Development-A Case Study: EYE BALL SCANNER FOR SPASTICS. Proceedings of the National Symposium on Electronic Product Design (NSEPD 94), CEDT Aurangabad, India during February 18-20, 1994, (Allied Publishers Ltd.), pp 245-252.