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Ed.D. - Education, Practice and Society | University College of London - UK

Prof. Debananda Misra
EdD in Education, Practice and Society, University College of London; MBA, University of Oxford; M.S, University of California, Berkeley ; B.Tech, IIT, Kharagpur.

Associate Professor – Public Policy

Prof. Debananda Misra is Associate Professor – Public Policy at FLAME University. He received his EdD degree in Education, Practice and Society from the University College of London. Prior to joining FLAME, he has worked with the Indian School of Business for ten years in its advancement function and prior to that for six years with Yahoo! and GE.

He is interested in studying various aspects related to higher education (HE) at National, international and organisational levels. In particular, he examines the relationship of HE institutions with their surrounding regions and communities and how HE institutions contribute to the social, cultural and economic development at the regional and national levels. His doctoral dissertation examined the role of regions in the development of new public universities in India.

Beyond HE institutions, he is also interested in how organisations embrace ‘publicness‘ and is keen on the hybrid nature of organisations and how it allows them to go beyond their core functions to engage with communities, Governments and public to achieve both business growth and deliver social/public impact. His detailed profile is at https://misradeb.org.


Deb is involved in research projects related to higher education, policy and community engagement. He was awarded the UCL Grand Challenges grant for organising two workshop in India on collaboration between universities and cities. The workshops were attended by over 40 faculty members and researcher from different universities in India. For a list of ongoing projects and working papers, please visit https://misradeb.org/research



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