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Ph.D. – Supply Chain and Operations Management | IIT - Kharagpur

Prof. Maheswar Mahapatra
Ph.D., Supply Chain and Operations Management, 2020 , IIT - Kharagpur; M.Tech, Industrial Engineering and Management, 2015, IIT - Kharagpur; B.E, Production Engineering, 2005, Jadavpur University, Kolkata;
Assistant Professor – Operations

Prof. Maheswar Mahapatra is Assistant Professor - Operations at FLAME University. He completed his PhD from IIT, Kharagpur in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management. He holds Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from IIT, Kharagpur and his Bachelor’s in Production Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Some of his research has been published in reputed international journals, such as ‘Socio-Economic Planning Sciences’ (Elsevier), ‘OPSEARCH’ (Springer), ‘Sadhana’ (Springer) etc. His areas of interest include supply chain management, optimization, sourcing strategies, Procurement planning, impact of policy reforms on food security, systems modelling, humanitarian operations, policy analysis and application of evolutionary algorithms in solving complex problems.

He was associated with IBM India Pvt. Ltd., as Data Specialist for over seven years. In the long run, he would like to do research in areas like Sustainable Agricultural Operations, Optimization in Healthcare Operations and Behavioural Aspects in Sustainable Operations. His teaching interests include Operations Management, Simulation Modelling, Business Statistics et al.

In his spare time, Maheswar enjoys playing cricket.

Articles Published:

  1. Mahapatra, M. S., & Mahanty, B. (2019). “Policies for managing peak stock of food grains for effective distribution: A case of the Indian food program”. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.seps.2019.100773
  2. Mahapatra, M. S., & Mahanty, B. (2018). “India’s national food security programme: a strategic insight”. Sadhana, 43:194. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12046-018-0947-2
  3. Rofin T. M., Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty B. (2020) “Impact of green retail operations on the profit of the manufacturer and the retailer under different pricing strategies”. OPSEARCH. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12597-020-00478-1
  4. Mahapatra, A. S., Sarkar, B., Mahapatra, M. S., Soni, H.N., & Mazumder S. K. (2019). Development of a Fuzzy Economic Order Quantity Model of Deteriorating Items with Promotional Effort and Learning in Fuzziness with a Finite Time Horizon ", inventions, 4, 36. doi:10.3390/inventions4030036.

Articles under Process:

  1. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. “A trade-off between price support and operational cost in Indian food program considering temporary storage duration”. Annals of Operations Research.
  2. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. “Effective public procurement of food grains: A case of India under differential charges”. Computers & Industrial Engineering.
  3. Mahapatra A. S., Mahapatra M. S., Sarkar, B., & Majumder S. K. “Use of preservation technology for time-dependent deterioration with promotion and fuzzy learning”. Applied Soft Computing.
  4. Mahapatra M. S., & Shenoy, D. “Lean maintenance index: a measure of leanness in maintenance organizations”. Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering.
  5. Pradhan P.C., Mahapatra M. S., & Jha, J.K. “Sourcing Decisions with Order Allocation under Supply Disruption Risk Considering Quantitative and Qualitative Criteria”. Operational Research.
  6. Mahapatra A. S., Mahapatra M. S., Sarkar, B., Soni H.N., & Majumder S. K. “A continuous review production-inventory system with a variable preparation time in a fuzzy random environment”. Applied Soft Computing.

Article to be submitted:

  1. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. “Equitable and effective distribution under capacity constraint and limited budget for augmentation”.

Papers presented at International conferences:

  1. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. (2017). “A Multi-Objectives Procurement Planning Model for Indian Food Program”, at 28th Annual Conference of POMS, Seattle, Washington, USA, May 5-8, 2017
  2. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. (2017). “A Game Theoretical Model for Subsidy Reduction in Indian Food Program”, at 28th Annual Conference of POMS, Seattle, Washington, USA, May 5-8, 2017
  3. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. (2016). “Determination of State wise Storage Requirement under National Food Program of India” at International Conference on E Business and Supply Chain Competitiveness (EBSCC-2016) organized by POMS India chapter and E-Business Centre of Excellence-IIT Kharagpur, Feb 12-14, 2016
  4. Mahapatra M. S., & Mahanty, B. (2015). “Capacity Allocation under Indian National Food Program using System Dynamics”, at XIX Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations Management, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India, Dec 11-13, 2015.