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FPM – Cultural Studies | MICA - Ahmedabad

Prof. Ravikant Kisana
FPM in Cultural Studies from MICA, Ahmedabad; PGDM in Advertising from MICA; B.A in Political Science from MICA
Assistant Professor – Communication

Ravikant was a Doctoral fellow at MICA, Ahmedabad and completed his thesis on the 'Memories of Bollywood cinema in Kashmir' and its intersections with nationalism and resistance discourses. His areas of interests include culture studies, oral histories & narratives, semiotics, cinema studies & the sociology of the internet. 

Previously, he has completed his PGDM from MICA, Ahmedabad, majoring in Brand Management & Account Planning. Post-PGDM, he has industry-experience with the Times of India and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.

Ravikant has a wide variety of interdisciplinary interests and experiences. Post doctoral studies, he has also had a stint in the development sector and the digital startup economy. Before joining FLAME, Ravikant was part of a small team which set up Obitopedia - an oral-history based memory project. 

Working Papers and Interests

  1. ‘Queering Laura Mulvey’: Investigating the heterosexual ‘gaze’ in queer cinema
  2. ‘The Good Girls’: Narrative exploration of women’s representation in the visual discourse of the post-1990s India
  3. ‘Fata Poster Aur Nikla Naya Hero’: ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ and the new male archetype in the urban Indian imagination post-1990s
  4. ‘Border’: Case-study of cinema re-framing nationalism in the 1990s