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M.Sc. - Quantitative Economics | Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Prof. Aditya Bhan
Master of Science in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata; B.Sc. in Economics Honours from University of Calcutta.

Assistant Professor - Economics

Prof. Aditya Bhan is Assistant Professor – Economics at FLAME University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and completed Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

He has a total experience of seven years and has been a Research Fellow in the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata since 2013. Prior to this he was associated with ICICI Bank as a Management Trainee.

His experience at the ISI included projects on India-US exchange rate, sex ratio in India using Econometric methods and co-movement and casualty analysis of money supply, inflation and output in India. He also developed a model for Customer Lifetime Evaluation, analytical frameworks for debit cards and cash-back campaigns and payments at ICICI Bank.

He is a Quantitative Economist and his objective is primarily to conduct research in defence economies. His research area lies in the broad field of defence and security Economics; investment portfolio management with particular emphasis towards generating superior risk – adjusted returns compared to popular indices.