FLAME University places great emphasis on holding academic and professional conferences that offer faculty, students and other professionals a platform for sharing of ideas and techniques, debating their importance and implications, and understanding the extent to which pedagogical innovations can be nuanced by such interactions.

Academic minds need to be challenged and nourished, and conferences are the best opportunity for an academic to get both. Conferences provide the necessary stimulus for scholars and researchers to engage in scholarly exchanges on research and subject-based pedagogy.

The greatest benefits of attending an academic or professional conference are the opportunities that the participants get to build networks, start new projects, find new collaborations and increase awareness of the new trends happening in their respective areas of interest.

The ultimate aim of these conferences is to promote education and research at FLAME University.



17th - 18th December 2017

FLAME University, Pune
In Association with

Indian Accounting Association Research Foundation

Theme: Strategizing India to be a $20 trillion Economy: Issues and Challenges in Accounting, Finance, Economics and Banking

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International Conference on Globalization, Culture and Identity

25th and 26th February, 2017

We live in liminal times; in threshold times. The unprecedented pace of globalization, especially in the last two decades, has impacted every aspect of our public and private lives.

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Centre for South Asia International Conference 2017

21st - 22nd January 2017

The study of song- texts essentially demands inquiry and discussion from diverse fields like musicology, ethnomusicology, linguistics, literary studies, and phonology amidst several others.

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Econvention 2016

12th-13th November, 2016

FLAME University Econvention 2016; the university’s first ever economics festival. It had its beginnings in a small room with an even smaller group of people, people who wanted to explore the economic realm outside of textbooks and supply-demand graphs.

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FLAME Finance Conference 2016

26th November 2016

A robust financial system is a backbone of an Economy. Efficient financial system can mobilize and channelize economic growth through efficient capital allocation, increase in capital accumulation, reduction in borrowing and transaction costs etc.

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International Conference on Cases and Pedagogical Innovations

29th - 30th June 2017

Teaching through cases has now become an integral part of education and training today across several academic and professional disciplines. Case method of teaching requires learners to solve issues and decision dilemmas in a real-world setting as captured in print and/or multimedia forms. Thus, case based teaching better prepares learners for real life situations than traditional lecture based teaching.

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