Viraj Shah

“We do not focus only on content delivery, but also on honing the skills of students such as writing, conducting research, presenting on thematic aspects and critical thinking."

Why I Chose FLAME

I chose FLAME because of its unique concept of liberal education.

What Sets FLAME Apart From Other Institutions

The following reasons set FLAME apart from other institutions:

  • Liberal Education: The students get to explore a variety of subjects and develop multiple perspectives.
  • Pedagogy: Interactive classroom sessions that enable students to question, discuss and be reflective thinkers.
  • Experiential components: The experiential components such as DAP, DIP and Internship challenge students at different levels and shape their personalities. The first-hand experience of various real life situations enable them to be aware of and be sensitive to the realities of the world around them.
  • Infrastructure: Various facilities such as online resources, spaces for creative expressions and sports contribute to the overall growth of students.
  • Student-teacher relationship: The students at FLAME share close relationship with their teachers in classroom, and also outside classroom. We also have Mentoring Program, wherein a group of first year students are assigned a Faculty Mentor to discuss their academic and personal issues. This kind of support and an adult reference point in a residential campus proves very helpful to students to seek guidance regarding their academic career and also to share their personal problems.
The Courses I Teach At FLAME

I teach course related to history and cultural studies like Archaeology, Indian Society Through Ages, Iconography, Dawn of Civilizations, Ancient Civilization, Mahabharata, Images of India and Understanding Myths.

My Most Eventful Experience In The Classroom

It is difficult to narrate a specific incident, but the most eventful classroom experience is when students perform beyond my expectations.

The Most Outstanding Features Of Curriculum Delivery At FLAME
  • Content and curriculum design: The type of courses offered at FLAME are quite unusual. We design our courses keeping in mind the universal standards, but also introduce innovative ideas. Some of the Majors offered are very unique in the Indian context because of their interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.
  • Interactive sessions: The interactive sessions enable students to understand content through assigned readings and classroom discussions that make them critical thinkers.
  • Assessment: The students are evaluated on different components throughout the course and not just on a final written exam. They are provided with regular feedback on their performance. This method of continuous assessment ensures that the students perform consistently. They also get a chance to work on their weak areas and improve during the course of the term.
  • Sources: We familiarize students not just with standard text books, but also with a variety of research papers, scholarly works and multimedia resources.
  • Skill Development: We do not focus only on content delivery, but also on honing the skills of students such as writing, conducting research, presenting on thematic aspects and critical thinking.