Vahideh Razmi

“I cherish the emphasis on excellence in all aspects at FLAME."

Why I Chose FLAME

Indeed FLAME is the most prestigious college which I could choose to work in Pune.

What Sets FLAME Apart From Other Institutions

'Liberal Education' and mandatory sports at FLAME set it apart from other educational institutions. Its wonderful infrastructure, its sports complex and hiking trails and its traditions especially its cultural events have made it a unique institute.

The Courses I Teach At FLAME

I teach basic and advanced Persian at FLAME.

My Most Eventful Experience In The Classroom

I experienced many great moments while teaching Persian at FLAME. These were days when I ended so happy and enthusiastic. As a result of my students’ fondness for the language and for me, they learnt the language faster than my expectations.

The Most Outstanding Features Of Curriculum Delivery At FLAME

Having liberty to prepare the course outline the way I wish to without rigidity on delivery.

What I Cherish And Admire The Most About FLAME

I cherish the emphasis on excellence in all aspects at FLAME.