Suniti Vadalkar

“This lateral aspect, which is anchored in liberal education sets FLAME apart from any other institution in our country."

Why I Chose FLAME

I feel as if ‘this is the dream I have seen when I was 20, and here I have the founders investing so much in making it come true’! During 1986, I had created a press ad campaign for the Times of India, which won the National Award. It was based on the current education system in India which I thought needs to be relooked. The ‘linear’ system needed to be more anchored in lateral activities of the right brain, viz. all arts. Irrespective of the domain of profession, every individual must possess the sensitivities of an artist, is what I strongly believe. FLAME offered me the opportunity to contribute to this dream by having a wide wing of arts like music, painting, sculpture, theatre, calligraphy, dance etc. That’s why I chose FLAME.

What Sets FLAME Apart From Other Institutions

This lateral aspect, which is anchored in liberal education sets FLAME apart from any other institution in our country. Making the curriculum more student focused than subject focused is the shift.

The Courses I Teach At FLAME

My focus is Visual Art which includes subjects like Elementary Visual Art, Intermediate Visual Art, Calligraphy and Typography.

My Most Eventful Experience In The Classroom

It is a challenge to teach a diverse student body. Students who come in with apprehension to hold a brush, slowly get immersed in the magic of colours. Forgetting time! This experience year after year, fascinates me.

The Most Outstanding Features Of Curriculum Delivery At FLAME

I can design my own course, conceptualize the pedagogy, the tutorials and exam, and the grading pattern. So, I have my classes near the lake [out-door], or we watch films on art even on Sundays and students come to paint just seeing me in the studio, whenever they have time. It is not just the usual class. This is the most outstanding feature of curriculum delivery.

What I Cherish And Admire The Most About FLAME

Vibrancy of the youthful students in combination with the vibrancy of nature, lush green flowering paths, not structured, seeing the rainbow below eye-level, openness in the architecture with interesting structures creating a play of light and shade, amazingly welcoming library, every structure having water bodies with the sound of water in different ways all around, unseen species of birds, free from sound and air pollution. I can go on to write a book in admiration of FLAME. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this mission.