Diganta Chakrabarti

“FLAME is a pioneer of liberal education in India and it offers the most innovative and contemporary curriculum to students."

Why I Chose FLAME

FLAME is an institution which has been created and developed on the grand ideals of liberal education, which is the most progressive track to follow in the future, in the field of higher education. FLAME is a pioneer of liberal education in India and it offers the most innovative and contemporary curriculum to students. The leadership of FLAME consists of some of the most eminent and respected professionals in education as well as industry. It has a fine ensemble of faculty members from diverse areas of study, with the best of qualifications and credentials. The infrastructure and resources available are top class. The institution attracts very bright students. And, most importantly, FLAME is set for the next stage of its development, after establishing a unique position in the educational landscape of India. So, it is a wonderful opportunity to be associated with FLAME at this juncture.

What Sets FLAME Apart From Other Institutions

It has to be a combination of multiple factors. It is an institution which provides the best-in-class facilities for higher learning to students in terms of physical and intellectual infrastructure. The sports facilities, library, IT and communication infrastructure…are all world class. The residential and dining facilities for students are top-notch in a beautiful eco-friendly environment. There are hardly many institutions offering multi-disciplinary education in the country which can match FLAME in terms of the opportunities it offers in creative and performing arts. For any student in India or abroad, the choices available here are truly amazing. The institution is perfectly designed and developed to offer an opportunity for all-round growth of a student so that he/she can become a responsible, sensitive and capable citizen of the world. This is the true value of education. By offering a rare and brilliant opportunity to students for a learning experience, which is holistic and progressive in the true sense of the term, FLAME sets itself apart.

The Courses I Teach At FLAME

I offer courses in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.

My Most Eventful Experience In The Classroom

Some of the exercises we have done in the classroom as part of our course curriculum have been really memorable. In the process of solving a problem or discussing a case, quite often the students have gone beyond their current abilities to display brilliant understanding of the concepts or models and in their . applications. For a faculty member, it is a truly great moment when you realize that the students have beaten the benchmark in terms of achieving the learning objectives.

The Most Outstanding Features Of Curriculum Delivery At FLAME

The pedagogy at FLAME is designed and delivered to bring out the best from every student, in each subject or course. Use of diverse teaching tools, tailored to the need of the subject and topic, has become more like a norm rather than exception at FLAME. Apart from all the tried and tested methods of course delivery, the faculty members are always working on bringing in something new to the teaching method, which will enhance the learning experience. Case discussions, role-plays, simulation exercises, individual/group projects, presentations by students, discussion on audio/visual clips, and addresses from eminent personalities in the field; these are all part of long and ever-growing list of methods used in course delivery. Projects like DIP and DAP have been unique features of FLAME's learning experience and they add enormous value to a student’s experience. The extensive use of learning management system (LMS) with the help of FLAME’s excellent ERP team has taken the curriculum delivery to a different level altogether. Now, diverse formats of learning resources and links are stored in the LMS database, which is a most interactive and effective tool for world class teaching and learning experience.

What I Cherish And Admire The Most About FLAME

It’s quite an enjoyable experience actually, to be associated with FLAME as a faculty member. This is an organization which offers an excellent environment where one can grow professionally as well as personally. The work environment is open, fair and very encouraging. You have a great set of people as colleagues, intelligent students and very high-quality systems in place, which brings in lot of energy and enthusiasm to do well in one’s work. It’s great to be part of one of the most promising educational institutions of the country.