Ashutosh Potdar

“What sets apart FLAME from other institutions are its active infrastructure and design that we can utilize creatively."

Why I Chose FLAME

I am trained in researching and teaching literature and drama. Also, my area of interest has been creative practices of writing and theatre. FLAME, set within the idea of liberal education, enables me to utilize my diverse interests for students. While working in the field of research as well as artistic practices, I realized that I can combine these two fields in my teaching and research at FLAME, in the context of socio-cultural practices in India. Additionally, I believe that we cannot think of arts or business, social sciences or physical and natural sciences, language or image studies, sports or performing arts in an isolated manner. FLAME has been able to create conducive environment to address uniqueness and specialty of each discipline as well as to study them through dialogic process.

What Sets FLAME Apart From Other Institutions

As an educational institute, FLAME gives me an opportunity to 'try and test' ways of teaching-learning, and thus, students are enabled to develop a deeper understanding in their area(s) of interest in critical and artistic practices. Unlike many other institutions, FLAME challenges the existing practices of training in India that focuses on working within narrowly defined artistic practices and the rigid disciplinary boundaries of artistic processes. Grounded in the philosophy of liberal education, inter-disciplinary and applied learning, FLAME teachers are encouraged to develop our pedagogic practices cutting across humanities, physical and natural sciences, social sciences and, performing and visual arts.

The Courses I Teach At FLAME

I teach courses in literature, drama and critical studies.

My Most Eventful Experience In The Classroom

Classrooms at FLAME have been spaces to unlearn and learn, shed the past baggage and get refreshed and updated. Several times, I am challenged by students to think out of box and come up with newer ways of teaching. For instance; students from theatre, film and cultural studies in my class have enabled me to think over creative adaptation of the visual and archival material in the process of teaching play-writing.

The Most Outstanding Features Of Curriculum Delivery At FLAME

What sets apart FLAME from other institutions are its active infrastructure and design that we can utilize creatively. Some of my engaging classes have taken place in a studio, on the open-to-sky platforms and at empty spaces at the porch areas. This has allowed me make my teaching more engaging. In this, I can do away with rigidity of theory and practice. Methodologically, at FLAME, curriculum design and delivery can encompass our world views, individual experiences, dynamic of outside-inside spaces and socio-cultural factors that shape teaching-learning processes.

What I Cherish And Admire The Most About FLAME

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